lack of ambition; willingness to tolerate poverty;acceptance of whatever compensation life may offerwithout protest; mental and physical laziness; lack ofinitiative, imagination, enthusiasm and self-controlINDECISION. The habit of permitting others to doone’s thinking. Staying “on the fence.”

DOUBT. Generally expressed through alibis andexcuses designed to cover up, explain away, orapologize for one’s failures, sometimes expressed inthe form of envy of those who are successful, or bycriticising them.

WORRY. Usually expressed by finding fault withothers, a tendency to spend beyond one’s income,neglect of personal appearance, scowling andfrowning; intemperance in the use of alcoholic drink,sometimes through the use of narcotics; nervousness,lack of poise, self-consciousness and lack of selfreliance.

OVER-CAUTION. The habit of looking for the negative side of every circumstance, thinking andtalking of possible failure instead of concentratingupon the means of succeeding. Knowing all theroads to disaster, but never searching for the plansto avoid failure. Waiting for “the right time” tobegin putting ideas and plans into action, until thewaiting becomes a permanent habit. Rememberingthose who have failed, and forgetting those whohave succeeded. Seeing the hole in the doughnut,but overlooking the doughnut. Pessimism, leading toindigestion, poor elimination, autointoxication, badbreath and bad disposition.

PROCRASTINATION. The habit of putting off until tomorrow that which should have been donelast year. Spending enough time in creating alibisand excuses to have done the job. This symptom isclosely related to over-caution, doubt and worry.

Refusal to accept responsibility when it can beavoided. Willingness to compromise rather thanput up a stiff fight. Compromising with difficultiesinstead of harnessing and using them as steppingstones to advancement. Bargaining with Life for apenny, instead of demanding prosperity, opulence,riches, contentment and happiness. Planning whatto do IF AND WHEN OVERTAKEN BY FAILURE,INSTEAD OF BURNING ALL BRIDGES AND MAKING

RETREAT IMPOSSIBLE. Weakness of, and often totallack of self-confidence, definiteness of purpose,self-control, initiative, enthusiasm, ambition, thriftand sound reasoning ability. EXPECTING POVERTYINSTEAD OF DEMANDING RICHES. Association withthose who accept poverty instead of seeking thecompany of those who demand and receive riches.


Some will ask, “why did you write a book aboutmoney? Why measure riches in dollars, alone?”

Some will believe, and rightly so, that there are otherforms of riches more desirable than money. Yes,there are riches which cannot be measured in termsof dollars, but there are millions of people who willsay, “Give me all the money I need, and I will findeverything else I want.”

The major reason why I wrote this book on howto get money is the fact that the world has but latelypassed through an experience that left millionsof men and women paralyzed with the FEAR OFPOVERTY. What this sort of fear does to one waswell described by Westbrook Pegler, in the NewYork World-Telegram, viz:

“Money is only clam shells or metal discs or scrapsof paper, and there are treasures of the heart and soulwhich money cannot buy, but most people, beingbroke, are unable to keep this in mind and sustaintheir spirits. When a man is down and out and onthe street, unable to get any job at all, somethinghappens to his spirit which can be observed inthe droop of his shoulders, the set of his hat, hiswalk and his gaze. He cannot escape a feeling ofinferiority among people with regular employment,even though he knows they are definitely not hisequals in character, intelligence or ability.

“These people—even his friends—feel, on theother hand, a sense of superiority and regard him,perhaps unconsciously, as a casualty. He mayborrow for a time, but not enough to carry on in hisaccustomed way, and he cannot continue to borrowvery long. But borrowing in itself, when a man isborrowing merely to live, is a depressing experience,and the money lacks the power of earned money torevive his spirits. Of course, none of this applies tobums or habitual ne’er-do-wells, but only to men ofnormal ambitions and self-respect.


“Women in the same predicament must be different. We somehow do not think of women at allin considering the down-and-outers. They are scarcein the breadlines, they rarely are seen begging onthe streets, and they are not recognizable in crowdsby the same plain signs which identify busted men.

Of course, I do not mean the shuffling hags of thecity streets who are the opposite number of theconfirmed male bums. I mean reasonably young,decent and intelligent women. There must be manyof them, but their despair is not apparent. Maybethey kill themselves.

“When a man is down and out he has time on hishands for brooding. He may travel miles to see aman about a job and discover that the job is filled orthat it is one of those jobs with no base pay but onlya commission on the sale of some useless knickknackwhich nobody would buy, except out of pity.

Turning that down, he finds himself back on thestreet with nowhere to go but just anywhere. So hewalks and walks. He gazes into store windows atluxuries which are not for him, and feels inferior andgives way to people who stop to look with an activeinterest. He wanders into the railroad station or putshimself down in the library to ease his legs and soakup a little heat, but that isn’t looking for a job, sohe gets going again. He may not know it, but hisaimlessness would give him away even if the verylines of his figure did not. He may be well dressedin the clothes left over from the days when he hada steady job, but the clothes cannot disguise thedroop.

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